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 The Brothers Grey

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PostSubject: The Brothers Grey   Fri May 01, 2009 9:06 am

The Brothers Grey are Action Movie Stars, under a 6 film contract to Monad Pictures.
Benton Grey is the eldest, and first tried his hand at serious drama. His career never quite lifted off, and he was relegated to soap operas and low budget romantic comedies.
His younger brother, Walter Grey, went into Action movies, and did moderately well. Neither of them became household names until Walter got Benton cast as his partner in the cop flick, Gunplay IV. Their comfort and rapport was evident onscreen, and the moviegoing audience made every subsequent movie they made together into a blockbuster.
Benton & Walter were at the peak of their career when Monad Pictures approached them with a new idea.
With the 'Reality Televsion' craze still going strong, Monad wanted to cast the Brothers Grey (as they had come to be billed) in a series of 'Reality Action Films'.
Using sophisticated new automated camera systems, Monad would forego the stunt doubles, special effects, and scripted villains and just drop the Brothers into various scenarios, which they would have to fight their way out of. This could be a hive of Armored Rats, a country at war, a zombie infestation, or any number of other precarious situations.
After retrieving the footage, Monad would edit it and shoot a few scripted scenes to fill it out into what they believe will be the best (and most lucrative) Action movies of all time. Benton & Walter, eager to cement their place in movie history, signed to a 6 picture deal.

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The Brothers Grey
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