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The August Primate Universe is an experimental interconnected world for new characters of the Public Domain. The main objective is to build a living breathing fictional universe that absolutely anyone can use and add to, at no cost whatsoever.
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 Dr. Steven Mallory

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PostSubject: Dr. Steven Mallory   Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:19 pm

Dr. Steven Mallory is an unnaturally long-lived 'mad scientist'.
He has been active within the scientific community since the late 19th century, practicing biology. He claimed to have a method to retard aging, but this was regarded as a hoax, and he was stripped of his tenure. Years later, his application was the only one rejected during the formation of The Technate.
He operates on the fringe of the scientific community to this day, funded largely in secret by different companies and organizations looking for illicit experimentation or production of illegal agents, which he is content to do so long as it provides him with the capital necessary to complete his own experiments.
The main purpose of his personal experiments thus far have been to develop different methods of killing or ruining the members of the Nobel Committee in retaliation for rejecting the achievement in anti-aging that he is living proof of.

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Dr. Steven Mallory
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