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The August Primate Universe is an experimental interconnected world for new characters of the Public Domain. The main objective is to build a living breathing fictional universe that absolutely anyone can use and add to, at no cost whatsoever.
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PostSubject: Bone Smuggler...   Bone Smuggler... I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2009 5:07 pm

Bone Smuggler

This is a fictional character based on real events that happened to me and one of my friends when I was 17...

I had just gotten a car, and my friend had this idea of going to New Hope to check out a satanic church that was haunted, so he heard. It was a very small church on a hill with a graveyard. Supposedly, there was a secret cult, 40 or so years ago, that assembled at the church and would perform bizarre and grotesque rituals on non cult members that they had kidnapped. They used to remove the eyes of their victims with a red hot knife, and then remove there tongs with a twisted hook. They made sure to always remove the tong last so "Satan" could hear the victims scream when their eyes were cut out. Their belief was that from these rituals Satan would reward them with the power to see demons and talk to the devil. After the rituals, the victims were buried alive, in a hole, standing up and facing sunset; the opposite of the Catholic Church’s practice of burying the deceased lying down toward sunrise. My friend and I were going up there because it was believed that late at night, you could still hear screaming from the rituals...

Late one night we went to the church. We turned on a narrow dirt road that I had passed before, not realizing that it was an actual road. The road went up a hill, it turned into a paved road but it was still so narrow that it barely fit my car. We then reached the church; I stopped my car right in front of it. We were there for ten minutes and nothing had happened. I was still scared... I was 17, had just gotten my car, it was 1 am in the morning and I was on a one way road in front of a satanic church. As every minute passed I became more and more frightened...

We waited, listening for the screams but heard nothing. I then saw a light in the church that looked like a lit candle, then more lights appeared. They started to move in pairs and then it dawned on me that they were eyes. Suddenly a hooded figure in all black came out, I was paralyzed from fear. My friend started to scream to get the hell out of there. I started to turn the car around but the road was so narrow that it was near impossible. I did three "K" turns and finally got the car turned around. Then we started to hear the screaming. It sounded like a very loud, high pitched screeching sound that was coming from all directions. I drove the car out of there as fast as I could and we finally got on to the main road. We then got into town not saying a word to each other. I at last broke the ice and said, "Did I really just do a KKK turn in front of the satanic church?" We both started to laugh. We have told this story to a handful of our friends. They all believe that we are telling the truth, some just think that there might be another explanation for what we witnessed that night...

Since that day, I have been at parties while some chick is telling a ghost story. I then say that I have a really good ghost story to tell after she is done... Turns out her ghost story is about how she put her dead grandmother’s pin in a drawer, gone to bed, and when she woke up in the morning it was in a different drawer... I can't follow that ghost story up with mine about Satan, demons, and cult rituals etc. So I am stuck telling a lame monster story about how I did a “KKK” turn in front of a church… 😢

Now to the fictional character... "BONE SMUGGLER"!!!
Bone Smuggler is the last living descendant of a satanic cult based in New Hope (went into detail about the cult earlier). He is a grave robber and a terrorist of the escort industry. He calls classified adds for escorts, man or woman, lures them to a bar, parties with them for quite some time and then when they get comfortable... he drugs them and takes them to his secret lair... He then performs unnecessary amputations on the victims where he replaces there limbs with rotting limbs of corpses from the graves that he has robbed. The victims then wake up the next day in an alley with no recollection of what happened. Just a rotting body part attached to them and the memory of partying it up the night before with a really cool dude. Researchers have concluded that he is using the good body parts to revive the dead members of the cult. He believes that prostitution has made his victims dead inside. Unable to feel love and emotion, he attaches dead limbs to them so that they appear dead on the outside as well... He is called Bone Smuggler because he spends his recreational time taking it in the ass…
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Bone Smuggler...
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