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The August Primate Universe is an experimental interconnected world for new characters of the Public Domain. The main objective is to build a living breathing fictional universe that absolutely anyone can use and add to, at no cost whatsoever.
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 Content of the Non-Original Public Domain Character List.

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PostSubject: Content of the Non-Original Public Domain Character List.   Wed Feb 18, 2009 9:03 am

This forum is for characters that were not originally thought up by August Primate members, but have previously existed within the Public Domain.
When posting a character here, please research it first to be sure that it is actually a true Public Domain character. Any violation of copyright or trademark laws will result in removal and member banning, and
any other steps that are necessary.
Also, credit the original creator of the character, if they are known to the world. This should be a standard part of research.
August Primate asks its members to keep the discussion friendly, any inflammatory or derogatory threads will be removed and the offending member or members will be warned or disciplined as appropriate.
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Content of the Non-Original Public Domain Character List.
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